Past Exhibits

McDougall Cottage Historic Site regularly mounts feature exhibits for short periods of time. This is a selection of our past exhibits curated and created by McDougall Cottage Historic Site.  

More than Haggis and Kilts: How the Scots Shaped Canada

More than haggis and kilts exhibit photoOn exhibit March 6 to August 11, 2019

Since 1621 when a Scottish colony was established in Nova Scotia, Scottish immigrants and their descendants have been involved in all aspects of the development of Canada. From politics and technology to education and place names, Scottish influence can be found throughout the country. Come discover the lasting impact Scots have had on Canadian life – it’s not just bagpipes and tartan!

Fairies, Brownies and Changelings: Scottish Folklore and Legends
On exhibit July 8 to 23, 2017

Faerie House
Mythical and mischievous creatures, Faeries play a prominent and important role in Scottish folklore. There are many kinds of Faeries - some are helpful, some are playful and some are a downright pain in the neck! 

Legend says that if you build a wee Faerie House and leave it in your garden, you might just be lucky enough to attract a kindly garden Faerie to come and live there.

Once again this year, we challenge you to build your own unique Faerie House. The theme of your Faerie House is up to you! You can enter the Challenge as an Individual, Family or Team.

Entries will be judged on the basis of creativity. The most unique and original Faerie Houses will receive wee prizes.

ALL Faerie Houses received were displayed at McDougall Cottage from July 8 to 23. 




View all our 2017 Entries  Faerie House

2017 Winners by Category: 

  • Individual - "Finley's Green" by Katie Mundy
  • Family - "The Wishing Well Cottage" by Chris, Karen and Lauryn Everett
  • Child - "Kieran & Sofia's Faerie House" by Kieran Schmidt
Wee Quilt Challenge - The Tartan Trail What the Scots Gave Canada 
On exhibit from April 14 to July 2, 2017

The exhibit featured small quilts that celebrated the Scots enduring influence on Canadian life and culture. Scots are among the first Europeans to establish themselves in Canada and the third largest ethnic group in the country. In the 2011 National Household Survey, approximately 4.7 million Canadians listed themselves as being of Scottish origin. 

For over 200 years, Scots have been involved in Canada's development and have contributed significantly to the culturally energetic, economic success story that is modern Canada. As explorers, educators, businessmen, politicians, writers, architects, athletes, inventors and artists, they have made a large and lasting impact on Canadian culture. 

Wee Quilt Challenge - Auld Lang Syne exhibit

Wee Quilt Challenge - Auld Lang Syne exhibitWee Quilt Challenge
On exhibit to September 23, 2018


After 15 successful years, our Wee Quilt Challenge is drawing to a close with the 2018 Grand Finale Challenge - Auld Lang Syne. Originally a poem, this ancient song was sent by beloved Scottish poet, Robert Burns, to the Scots Musical Museum after he was the first to record it on paper. Auld Lang Syne roughly translates as "for old times' sake" or "days gone by".

Traditionally sung just before midnight on Hogmanay (Scottish New Year's Eve), the song is about preserving old friendships and looking back over the year, giving a sense of belonging and nostalgia. It is widely used to symbolize endings and new beginnings - including farewells, memorials and closings. This year, we challenge quilt artists across Canada and Scotland to create a miniature quilt that evokes the spirit of this much loved song. Wee Quilt Challenge - Auld Lang Syne exhibit ord it on paper. Auld Lang Syne roughly translates as "for old times' sake" or "days gone by".

Below are some samples of Wee Quilts we received. Visit the Cottage to see the full collection of Wee Quilts.  


We'll Share a Cup of Kindness – Winner of the Sentimentality Award 

  Wee Quilt Challenge

Artist: Irena Baltaduonis, Kitchener, ON  Raw edge appliqué, hand embroidery, hand quilting


Friends Forever  - Winner of the Friends Forever Award

 Wee Quilt Challenge

Artist: Beverly Parker, Melancthon, ON Machine quilting, appliqué and piecing


Alas, Farewell – Winner of Best in Show

 Wee Quilt Challenge

Artist: Nancy Wells, Guelph, ON Hand and machine appliqué, machine quilting