Faerie House Building Challenge

Mythical and mischievous creatures, faeries play a prominent and important role in Scottish folklore. There are many kinds of faeries; some are helpful; some are playful and; some are a downright pain in the neck! Legend says that if you build a wee faerie house and leave it in your garden, you might just be lucky enough to attract a kindly garden faerie to come and live there.

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From Earth Day (April 22) to May 31, 2020. we are extending a challenge for you to build your own unique faerie house. You can enter the challenge as an individual, family or team and the theme of your faerie house is up to you!

Guidelines for the McDougall Cottage Faerie House Building Challenge:

  • Please use only natural materials such as dry grasses, leaves, sticks, pebbles, feathers, shells, bark from a fallen tree, pinecones, acorns, etc.  
  • Be careful not to use or disturb any living materials. Faeries do not like things growing in nature to be disturbed or destroyed! 
  • Your faerie house should be an original design. No commercial faerie house kits please. 
  • The size and scale of your faerie house is up to you.
  • Faerie houses must appear to be made entirely of natural materials. Manmade materials such as hot glue, nails, twine, etc. may be used, but they must be concealed by natural elements. 
  • We strongly advise that children have the assistance of an adult when using sharp tools, hot glue guns, etc. Faeries don’t want anyone to get hurt!
  • Please practice physical distancing while collecting materials and building your faerie house and always wash your hands thoroughly after working on it. The Faeries want you to stay safe!
  • Use your imagination and have fun! Be as creative as you like! 

The Faerie House Building Challenge takes place from Earth Day (April 22) to May 31, 2020.

Please submit a photo, title and brief description (maximum 150 words) of your Faerie house to mcdougall@regionofwaterloo.ca with the words Faerie House Building Challenge in the subject line. 

Note that all entries will be posted to the McDougall Cottage Historic Site website and social media feeds.