Faerie House Building Challenge Submissions

fairy houseMagical Island
Submitted by Dakota Weiler

It has all kinds of seasons and it's in Canada.





fairy houseIt has a flower bed and small pond out front.












fairy houseFaerie House for Grammie
Submitted by Maja DeForest 

I created my faerie garden for my Grammie. I used an old mason, pebbles, mulch, dirt, sand, pinecones, twigs and moss to create a cute little cottage for Fairies to retreat to when tired of other people!!


fairy houseWillow Faerie House
Submitted by Genevieve Manninen











fairy houseDandelion Bloom
Submitted by Cecilia Manninen











fairy house

Dandelion Bloom House
Submitted by Genevieve and Cecilia Manninen







fairy house
Faerie Magic Has Not Been Cancelled
We had such fun going on walks to collect our supplies.  We tried to make it as natural as possible.  There is felt on our faeries but felt is made from wool so we hope that is ok.  
We think our faeries would have a house that fits well in with the woodland and meadows.
We thank you for the opportunity to build a faerie house because it was a fun thing to do during this time of needing extra activities.
Submitted by Shannon and Abbi Clary

Fairy CottageFairy Cottage
A home for pond fairies, filled with pixie dust! We also made a fairy tent for visiting fairies to stay in!
Submitted by the Toth Family

Urban Fairy GardenUrban faerie garden
My son Grayson and daughter River, as well as husband Geordie decided to make an urban faerie garden. To add to the homes they created little characters to inhabit them, as well as a little clay turtle, and an owl on the roof , sitting on an egg in a nest.  There’s s miner, as well as two little gnomes.
They had a lot of fun creating them, and they’re now a permanent feature at our front door.
Submitted by the Given family