Located just north of McDougall Cottage is a frequently overlooked building - a "pre-fab" metal garage, acquired sometime after the First World War by James and Margaret Baird. The garage must have been a significant purchase for the Bairds because there were few garages in the neighbourhood at the time and likely fewer automobiles.

As indicated on a 1920's Insurance Plan map of the area, most houses had outhouses but the Baird's lot doesn't include an outhouse because they had indoor plumbing, and the word "auto" is marked on this adjacent building.

We don't know if James and Margaret owned a car when the garage was built. They may have rented the garage to someone who owned a car but didn't have a garage or used it for storage of gardening tools and protection for their canoe.

The garage is deceptive because it appears to be constructed of wood siding, but its walls are made of pressed metal attached to a wood framework. There are folding doors at the back and front of the garage so that there was easy access from the street and the backyard. The manufacturer of the garage is unknown but it is similar to those made by the Metal Siding and Shingle Company of Preston (Cambridge).