Meet the McDougalls

John (1802-1895) and Agnes (1803-1879) McDougall (nee Allen) originally lived in Kelso, south of Edinburgh, Scotland, where they raised a family of ten children and John Learned the carpenter’s trade.

In 1851, at age 24, Robert, the McDougall's adventurous oldest son, left his family behind and set out for Canada. Two years later, John, Agnes and six of their ten children (James, Adam, John Jr., Mary, Thomas and Agnes) followed Robert to Canada.

When he came to Canada, John initially worked at his son, Robert's, carpentry and contracting business, but by 1860, he began working at the Goldie-McCulloch Foundry across the street from his home at 89 Grand Ave., South.

John worked there as a carpenter and pattern maker until his retirement at the age of 85; he died eight years later, one of "Galt's oldest and staunchest Scottish residents."

The following excerpt from his obituary, dated February 21, 1895, serves as the only description of this hardworking Scot:

John McDougall apparently loved outdoor sports, and could hold his own with most of Galt's best checker players.

"...he was a sturdy representative of a heroic and sturdy race. Although not a man of large stature, he was vigorous and able-bodied possessing well-developed muscles and an immense chest measurement. He scarcely knew what a day's indisposition was and when he met with the accident which caused his death, his faculties, despite advanced age he retained to a remarkable degree ....... his eyesight was keen enough to read without glasses and his sense of hearing was very acute."

McDougall Tartan

McDougall Tartan