Things to do Inside

We understand that keeping families happy while they're at home can be a challenge during the COVID 19 pandemic so we've developed a variety of activities to keep you and your family engaged at home. We'll be adding new content to this page regularly so check back often.

How to make Hot Cross Buns - McDougall Cottage
 How to make Scones - McDougall Cottage
 How to make Shortbread - McDougall Cottage
 How to make Oat Cakes - McDougall Cottage
 How to make Rice Bread - Doon Heritage Village
 McDougall Cottage Friezes
 McDougall Cottage Hidden Wall Mural Reveal
Geoff Lewis Music Video
Alison Lupton Music Video
Andrew Huxley Osborne (Piper in the Burg) Music Video
Colouring Sheets
  • Museum of Me - Think about why we collect and preserve objects, and take a closer in your own home. The artefacts we choose to surround ourselves with in everyday life, and particularly those we treasure have meaning for us. What do the things we collect say about us? Gather your own Me in Five Objects

    collection. Try to find just five things that speak about your passions, background and personality. Set up a little Museum of Me exhibit and share with your friends and family.

  • The Shoebox Museum - Try to make your own mini museum! The simplest way to set your museum is with a large shoe box. Set up items throughout the box to display, this gives a play space for small characters - you can even join several boxes together. 
  • Lego McDougall Cottage - Create your version of the Cottage in lego! If you are feeling like a Victorian builder try to build a mini version of the Cottage out of stones. Be sure to share your finished building with us on social media.

  • Tree of life craft with puzzle pieces or scrunched up magazine pieces or tissue paper. Simply glue the puzzle pieces or paper to the leaves and you'll have a colourful tree. 
  • Stained Glass Art Craft
  • Try our Tartan Inspired Placemat craft
  • Upcycled Fer-Grass craft. Make and grow these fun creatures this Earth Day.
  • DIY Beeswax Wraps - Make your own re-useable food wraps.
Parlour Games
Check out these Victorian Parlour Games.
Word Search

Region of Waterloo Museums has also created Virtual Field Trips as part of our School Program so your family can watch and learn from home!