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Virtual Education Programs

Take your students on a virtual field trip at McDougall Cottage. Until we can welcome you back for in-person field trips, we are developing online resources to help you enliven learning.

Bringing the museum to your classroom.

We are taking the very best of our onsite education programs and activities and offering 30 to 40 minute virtual programs to engage your students.  

For more information or to book an online visit contact our Education Coordinator, Katie Anderson at kaanderson@regionofwaterloo.ca

 NEW - Murals and Illusions
wall muralGrades 4, 5, 6 - The Arts
We will take your class on a virtual exploration of the recently uncovered 100 year old trompe l’oeil murals and friezes at McDougall Cottage. Students will learn about the process used to uncover these hidden art treasures, compare and contrast historic mural art with modern examples of optical illusion mural and street art and be guided through the process of creating their own ‘trick of the eye’ art piece. 
Program includes art activity kits delivered or mailed to your class.

Unpacking the 'Kist' - Suggested Grade 3

kistGrade 3 – Social Studies

Join us as we unpack the ‘kist’ and explore the most important items an emigrant family would bring with them on their journey, using the Scots who emigrated to Canada in the 1800s as an example. 
Program includes activity kits delivered or mailed to your class.



Traditions and Celebrations - Suggested Grade 2 

man in kilt

Grade 2 – Social Studies, The Arts, Mathematics
This new program combines Social Studies, Art, and Mathematics as we explore Traditions and Celebrations using the Scottish heritage of the former residents of McDougall Cottage as a starting point for a live virtual visit with your class! 
Program includes art activity kits delivered or mailed to your class.


Oral History Project
Oral History Project - Help Us Make History

We are offering teachers, students, and families the opportunity to use this fully developed program to conduct their own oral history interview and literally make history.

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Field Trip Videos
Field Trip Videos

When a field trip is out of the question, journey to a virtual museum! Check out over 40 curriculum-linked videos. See all videos.

Have your Say
Have Your Say – We Want to Help

If you are interested in having us provide programming that you might not see offered, let us know.  This quick survey will help us get a better idea of what you need, and how we can help.

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